Hello, I’m Katie Swift

I have completed a certified birth and postpartum doula training program from DONA (Doulas Of North America), and am currently working on fulfilling all of the requirements to become a DONA-certified doula.

I have been a support person at three births so far, 2 home births (one water birth) and one hospital birth. If you’d like a reference from one of these amazing birthing people feel free to ask me!

What is a doula?

“Doula” from the Greek means, “woman who serves”; and as a service, a doula provides emotional and physical support to a birthing person and their family/support circle through the journey of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. A doula does not perform any medical procedures or provide medical advice.

The need for doula work right NOW cannot be overstated. Too much isolation. Solo parents. Too many folks trying to do it all themselves, or needing their partner to do what, in the past, would have been covered by an ENTIRE extended family, or neighbourhood. A doula can help!

About Me

What drew me to this work was seeing and experiencing a need for “the village” that would have existed before capitalism/patriarchy/urbanization times.

I have given birth twice, first was a planned home birth with Midwives which ended up as a hospital transfer and emergency C-section. The second was a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) with midwives at the hospital.

For a birthing person (especially a first timer) to have someone to lean on and ask all of the “dumb” questions to – someone who is not their sister, not their care provider – but a loving, educated, unemotionally involved support person who can be by their side through this hugely transitional time can be life changing. There are now many studies illustrating that the mere presence of a doula in the birthing room has direct impact on positive birth outcomes.

Also. I freaking love watching people give birth. It’s actually the honour of my life, every single time. And, knowing about individuals’ experiences of birth. Like. Please, tell me your birth story. Please. I’ll buy the coffee.

Let’s Get Started

When I first heard of doula work I figured it was for rich people, but it’s more accessible than you might think. I offer many services on a sliding scale as I really do believe this is community work. If you’re hesitant to consider birth services due to your budget please reach out to me, there are many options for payment plans and reduced rates.

Birth Doula

The going rate for a birth doula is anywhere between $900-$1400. This person is available to you throughout pregnancy, has 2-3 prenatal visits with you, is on call around your due date and is committed to being with you for the entirety of labour and birth. They usually do at least one postpartum visit. The specifics of our plan together can totally be tailored to your needs.

Postpartum Doula

The going rate for a postpartum doula is around $35/hr with packages that can be tailored to different families’ needs. I want to offer postpartum visits at a minimum of 4 hours for anywhere from $80-$150.

A postpartum visit can include any of the following:
newborn care (parents can sleep/shower), help with breast/chest feeding, help with formula prep, meal prep, light housework (LAUNDRY!), entertain & feed older children, dog walk, talk about new parenthood and/or your birth experience (especially wonderful if you have the same postpartum doula you had for your birth!), offers of evidence based information and connections to resources in the community.

Let’s talk and see if  the benefits of a doula will fit well with your birthing experience.